Remember to share the road with cyclists

Published 8:48 pm Sunday, June 17, 2018

In Friday’s edition of The LaGrange Daily News, we wrote about an accident where a bicyclist was hit by a car on Whitesville Road.

It can be easy to feel uncomfortable driving when there’s a cyclist pedaling on the side of the road, especially since they go with the flow of traffic.

There’s no need to panic when seeing a cyclist you’re about to pass, but it would be best to heed caution. According to, when passing cyclists, imaging the cyclist tipping toward you. Give them that much room when you pass. The Metropolitan Police Department of the District of Columbia’s website recommends giving three feet when passing bicyclists.

Just like you should do driving without cyclists, stop for pedestrians at crosswalks and obey the speed limit.

Even more, do not drive distracted, whether it be staring at your phone, eating or letting your mind wander.

The MPDC also suggests for drivers to yield to pedestrians and cyclists when turning. Pedestrians and cyclists have the right of way.

It’s probably even more intimidating for cyclists pedaling on the road than drivers. According to, car horns can be “dangerously alarming.”

Lastly, look before you open your door, according to Hitting a cyclist by car door is irresponsible, they don’t have the time to respond appropriately to it.

Remember driving is a privilege, and while there are safety features in cars, bicyclists basically have their helmets. Drive safely the next time you pass a cyclist.