Technology changing the classroom

Published 7:20 pm Tuesday, June 19, 2018

If you’ve been in your current job for a while — or at least in the same field of work — you’ve likely seen it change a lot due to technology.

Not that long ago, the idea of viewing the internet on your phone or connecting to a virtual cloud that everyone in your office could look at felt like something you’d see in a movie, but not in real life. Now, we don’t even blink at those two things, not when drones are delivering packages and cars are able to drive themselves.

That means that everyone has to adapt.

The state of Georgia asked that its public schools start moving toward the digital textbook age in 2015, when the Digital Classroom Act was signed into law. The Troup County School System essentially approved one of the largest parts of the One to One Initiative during its last two meetings, first approving Chromebooks for Clearview Elementary School and then approving the purchase of 6,000 more for students district-wide.

There’s still more Chromebooks to be purchased to complete the initiative, but when that’s finished, most students will have a laptop in their hands for use at home and school. Extras will also be available for students that forget their laptop or damage or break them.

Most people reading this grew up with a locker full of textbooks, backpacks loaded every afternoon for homework and having to flip pages to get to the right chapter. 

Those days aren’t over, but they will likely soon be a thing of the past.

Change isn’t easy, especially a change this large, but we’re glad the school system is moving forward with the initiative. Most jobs are now tied to technology and students need to get used to using a computer to complete most tasks. Giving students access to a computer every day is a big step for the future of the students, but it’s an even larger step for the system as a whole.