Get Hired Bootcamp Saturday

Published 8:32 pm Thursday, June 21, 2018

The job market is growing in Troup County, and on Saturday, Circles of Troup County will host Get Hired Bootcamp, a job training workshop designed to help residents clean up their resumes, prepare for interviews and get hired.

The program is designed to help participants recognize and find a job using their unique skills, while avoiding common application and interview pitfalls. 

“This is for any job,” said Sherri Brown, the director of Circles of Troup County. “If you want to make $10 an hour at a summer job, if you need an $80,000 a year big time job — it doesn’t matter. The stuff in this works. It is interview techniques. It is the best resume [format] I’ve ever seen, and we have used this resume for people who have gotten very professional high-paying jobs.”

The workshop costs $10 and will take place at the LaGrange Memorial Library from 9 a.m. to noon.

“Everybody leaves with a workbook, and everybody leaves with the format online, but we also talk about how you network,” Brown said. “We have a lot of inside tips on applying for jobs.”

Those tips can be easy to apply things like completing online applications all at the same time, since they are often timed. Finding people who can help you get a job, the skills needed to keep a job and how to get ahead at work will also be discussed.

“We also talk about some of the barriers to getting jobs, like if you have a large section of time without work,” Brown said. “Maybe you stayed at home with your kids, some people went to prison for a couple of years, some people might have had an addiction issue, but if you have gaps, how to deal with gaps in your resume, how to handle that in an interview.”

Circles of Troup County addresses poverty head-on, and Brown noted that while many factors go into poverty, the only way to overcome it is to get a job. Get Hired Bootcamp aims to help participants accomplish that goal.

“It just works. We’ve got a grant to take it to the community,” Brown said. “Our community has 5,000 new jobs already set for the next five years that are going to be open, and we want to see people in our community get those jobs and excel in those jobs.”

To register, email Financial assistance for attendance will be available to those unable to afford the $10 fee for the workshop.