Youth served at Callaway soccer camp

Published 12:07 pm Friday, June 22, 2018


Daily News

With the World Cup in full swing as the best soccer players on the planet do battle, some future stars of the sport are learning the ropes at Callaway High.

The soccer program at Callaway is hosting a youth camp, and it got started on Monday and will wrap up today.

The instructors include Callaway’s coaches, as well as players from both the boys’ and girls’ teams.

“These kids have been fun to be around,” said Michael Everett, who’ll be a senior on the 2019 Callaway soccer team. “They’re good, and they’re talented young kids. And they work hard.”

There are 20 or so boys and girls participating in the camp, and girls’ head coach Shonna Yawn said it was probably better to have a modest number for the first year.

“It was good to have a smaller group and kind of get our feet off the ground, and get an idea of what it’s like,” Yawn said. “I think the kids have had a good time. Like everything, you get your feet wet and learn from it.”

Mike Petite, Callaway’s boys’ head coach, said it was important to get the high-school players involved.

“It gives our kids a chance to show their leadership abilities, and be the coaches, and that kind of stuff,” Petite said. “So I’m trying to let them do as much as they can.”

Yawn also believes it’s a valuable experience for her players.

“I think the girls have learned some leadership,” Yawn said. “They’ve enjoyed it. They like working with the little kids. So I think it’s been good for us.”

One of the high-school players, rising senior Josh Cooprider, is a standout goal keeper, and he’s been working with campers on that part of the game.

“The younger keepers, they learned quick,” Cooprider said. “They came Monday, and then Tuesday we started the actual training. They picked it up fast. It’s good to see up and coming keepers that are ready to go.”