Supporting the local library

Published 8:06 pm Friday, July 6, 2018

This week, we wrote about LaGrange Memorial Library reopening on June 30 after replacing its broken air conditioning unit. The library was closed for eight days, and when it reopened, it was packed with members of the community, according to manager Kathryn Adams.

The library got hot as 88 degrees, which was dangerous for employees and visitors.

Thankfully, the funding for a new 110-ton air chiller was available through a grant as part of Gov. Nathan Deal’s budget. The unit cost $120,000.

We’re glad the new unit was funded, but after seeing the library closed for over a week, we started thinking about ways the community could give back to the library.

The LaGrange Memorial Library offers a lot to this community, even beyond the books, DVDs and free Wi-Fi.

The local library also hosts multiple programs for children, teens and adults throughout the year that keep the community engaged.

Those activities include story time, teaching teenagers how to use the internet and learning how to trace family roots with genealogy.

The best part? All of those activities are free.

According to the Troup Harris Regional Library’s website, there are many ways you can support the library.

You can donate popular DVDs, CDs, audio and print books in good condition, although excellent or like new condition is preferred.

Monetary donations are also always accepted. According to the THLR’s website, a portion of its funding comes from the government, but the library also relies on corporate sponsorships, the Friends of the Library and individual donors.

Lastly, you can donate your time and volunteer at the library.

More more information on supporting the library, email or call (706) 884-7784.