Tuning out all the noise

Published 10:17 am Tuesday, July 10, 2018

There are a million memes and gifs on the internet that could probably sum up the drama in the current Georgia governor’s race. Anyone who loves politics, especially drama in politics, is likely sitting with their popcorn ready waiting for the next bomb to drop between Republican foes Casey Cagle and Brian Kemp.

While you’re waiting, we recommend flipping your television to wrestling or a favorite soap opera, just to stay in the right frame of mind. Better yet, just think back to your high school days.

We’re sure over the next two weeks there will be plenty more drama to come.

The latest politically charged hit came Monday when the Kemp campaign released more sound of Cagle from a secret recording taken by former gubernatorial candidate Clay Tippins. Cagle was caught saying that the primary came down to “who had the biggest gun, who had the biggest truck, and who could be the craziest.”

Ironically, Kemp has been in the headlines for controversial campaign ads regarding a couple of those topics. One showcases him pointing a gun at a young man interested in his daughter. Another shows Kemp in his truck — “a big truck,” as he calls it — and talks about using it to round up criminal illegals.

Our point is this: There’s a lot of noise right now as Kemp and Cagle round the turn into the final stretches of campaigning for the top office in Georgia, and we’re probably just getting started.

We hope that voters will be able to tune out some of that noise and really focus on the issues when it comes time to cast a vote.

It’s up to you whether the secret recordings on Cagle matter, or whether Kemp’s campaign ads cross a line. Either might be enough to sway your vote, and if that’s the case, there’s nothing wrong with that.

But our hope is that the majority of voters will take some time and do research before going to the polls. There are plenty of important issues in Georgia and in our country right now that often get pushed to the rearview during heated races like this one.

We hope voters will keep those issues in mind when it comes time to pick a candidate in this primary. And for anyone who loves the drama and seemingly-endless campaign commercials, don’t worry. The general election, when Democrat Stacey Abrams will take on one of these two men, isn’t until November.

There will definitely be plenty to talk about until then.