LETTER: Making America great again

Published 7:01 pm Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Why would anyone not want to make America great again? We tried eight years with a president who embodied the belief that America is the root of all evil.

His basic belief was that America is an imperialistic bad guy. He sought to undermine the very fabric of what makes America great.

What is really crazy is that he ran on the message that he would “fundamentally change” this country, and he almost did.

He did his best to turn the United States into a third world basket case. We thought that, as an African-American, he would do great things for black people, but all he did was increase their unemployment and alienate them further from mainstream America. Now, we finally have a president who truly believes in America. Donald Trump has lowered taxes, lowered unemployment, and he has been responsible for helping millions get off of food stamps. For the first time in years, the U.S. economy is booming.

Instead of attempting to bribe other countries into liking us, he has demanded respect from them, and he has gotten it.

Why would anyone want to ‘fundamentally change” the greatest nation in the world? Our Constitution has laid the foundation for law and order in America. For 242 years, it has reinforced the beliefs espoused in our Declaration of Independence.  Now, he has nominated a Supreme Court justice who believes that our Constitution is at the core of our strength and longevity.  Three cheers for POTUS — a man who believes in America.