Pedal Forward leading children

Published 7:54 pm Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Before a car symbolized freedom, it was probably a bicycle that let you get around the neighborhood and maybe even the town. It’s always seen as a milestone by parents when their children first ride a bike without training wheels.

Last weekend, we wrote about Pedal Forward Community Bike Shop in Hogansville. The new nonprofit is teaching children bicycle safety, how to fix and maintain bikes and is starting an earn-a-bike program. Children can earn a bike after completing a six-week, two-hour course with Pedal Forward.

Founder Alex Abraham said the idea for the nonprofit came to him after a child ran into his parked truck because his brakes weren’t attached.

While the nonprofit does not have its own space yet, it’s already helped out with the Hogansville Fourth of July bicycle parade by loaning bikes for the parade.

Ultimately the nonprofit wants to be a safe place for children and a positive influence in their lives.

Pedal Forward CFO Emilee Abraham said they hope it will eventually lead to a youth center in Hogansville.

Hogansville is a small town of 3,000, and having another place for the children to hang out, learn practical skills and get involved in something that has health benefits, is a gain for all residents.

Helping children helps the community.