No tax is great, but keep local stores in mind too

Published 10:16 pm Friday, July 20, 2018

Georgia isn’t having a tax-free holiday this year, the second year in a row the state has chosen not to do so. All of our next-door neighbor states are, including Alabama, which is having theirs this weekend.

Everyone is looking to save a few dollars while buying school supplies, clothes and other items that quickly add up. The question of whether it’s worth it prompted so much discussion in our newsroom that we decided to pose the question to readers, and the results are below.

Out of the 231 voters, about two-thirds say they are heading to Alabama this weekend to save some money. It’s only about a 40-minute drive to Opelika, give or take exactly where you live, so we don’t blame anyone making that short drive.  However, we do hope Troup County residents will also give our local businesses a chance this weekend as well.  While saving sales tax is important, the argument could be made that avoiding the drive and ensuring local sales tax dollars stay in Troup County is equally as important.

Many asked why Georgia no longer has a tax free holiday for school supplies. The argument against it is that it costs the state too much money.  It’s still too early in the process to know how much the state loses — if any at all —  when residents drive across the state line to Alabama, Florida and South Carolina to save a few bucks.  One thing is for sure — many in Troup County are going to do it this weekend.