Don’t forget to vote today

Published 5:27 pm Monday, July 23, 2018

If you’re reading this, you’ve probably already made up on your mind on whether you’re going to vote today. Some of you have avoided the lines by participating in early voting. Others may have already been to the ballot box today and are already at work or relaxing at home.

But if you’re reading this and haven’t voted, we urge you to take five minutes, go to your polling precinct and cast a ballot.

Your vote is likely to mean more today than most elections, just because so few voters usually take part in a run-off election.

We hope we’re wrong about that, but in most cases run-off elections see a very low number of voters.

If you question whether your one vote matters, we point you to an election for a state house seat in Chambers and Lee County, Alabama, last week. Both counties are right across the state line. One candidate leads that race by six votes, with provisional ballots still to be counted. Either candidate could still win, and there are probably some people who didn’t vote that wish they’d gone to the polls.

Tonight, Georgia Republicans will determine who moves on in races for governor, lieutenant governor and secretary of state. Democrats will determine who continues on in the race for state superintendent of schools. These races are too important to the state’s future for the majority of voters to not participate in a right.