Did someone move Christmas to July?

Published 9:30 pm Wednesday, July 25, 2018

How far away is Christmas? I need a break! Whew! Christmas is usually the time when I am so busy, so tired and so caught up in glitter and ribbon I can’t see the light of day.   

Again, even though it is the middle of July, Hobby Lobby is stocking their shelves with Christmas sparkle. The Hallmark Channel is running romantic “Christmas in July” movies. All of this makes me want to put up my tree, hang my stockings and call folks over for eggnog. 

Writing syndicates prefer a writer send their holiday story submissions as early as July. This little factoid reminded me to do so even though it is the busiest July I have seen in a while. 

I am in the middle of finishing my first book which requires tedious editing, collaborating with illustrators and deep thinking.  All the necessary stuff to finish a manuscript is sure more strenuous than writing the narrative. By the end of the day my eyes are crossed, my shoulders ache and I am searching for the sofa. Of course, most all this minutia is needed by the end of July. 

Our exercise instructor is injured, and I am the substitute for two weekly classes for the month of July. The most precious thing in the whole wide world, my granddaughter, is coming for a surprise visit for six days. A daughter is moving to North Carolina and needs my help with decorating as soon as the angel granddaughter leaves.  All of this in July.

Emily, my niece, is moving this month and needs the same design help.  My stepdaughter is expecting a bundle of joy in the fall and is nesting early which requires me to help her with decorating the nursery. (By the way, my family never got the memo I retired from interior design three years ago!)   

The doctor called to remind me that I needed a physical and the dentist sent a message that my teeth might fall out if I don’t come see them.

I need to go find Santa, sit on his knees and ask for a clone. 

How many times in our lives do we feel as if our plates are so full we could use a commercial-sized platter? How many times do we feel overwhelmed and overtired?  We worry about getting all that is asked of us, done.

My husband was out of town on business last week, which meant I could eat popcorn for dinner and watch a Hallmark Christmas movie. And, that is precisely what I did! I turned the air conditioner down to snowy, got my blanket, ate my popped dinner and longed for the holidays when life would slow down.

Who am I kidding? Christmas is as crazy as this crazy July. The truth is I wouldn’t have it any other way. I wasn’t meant to lay in a hammock or read a novel on a beach. I wasn’t made for relaxation and wouldn’t know how to do it anyway. I can’t imagine saying no to my granddaughter, daughter, stepdaughter, niece or anyone who needs me. 

I look in the mirror, and my eyes are surrounded by a cool shade of lilac, my hair is in the state of “don’t care anymore,” and my wrinkled shorts reminded me I probably should iron that stack of clothes one day soon. I know I will finally get that plate to the table, but by the time I turn around, it will be full again with more things to do.

I am keenly aware that one day my plate will need to have less on it because of lessening strength. I realize the granddaughter will one day be too busy with her own life to visit mine for six days. There will come a day when I will no longer be able to climb a ladder to hang a picture or drive a car alone to North Carolina. There will come a day when there is dust on the keyboard where I once typed words for columns or a book. That is the day I will rest. 

I am so happy I am still needed by folks I could by myself a Christmas present. Yes, I am tired and will be again during the holidays, but I can’t wait till December when all those special folks start asking me to fix this, do that, cook this and wrap that. 

Well, I need to run, the dentist is calling again, my editor is emailing me, my niece is texting me about a sofa and my granddaughter wants French toast for breakfast.   

Before I go, I wish you all a Merry Christmas kind of day.

The type of day that is busy, productive, crazy and the old platter is heavy because all the folks in your world “need” you.