LaGrange City Hall renovations

Published 7:36 pm Thursday, July 26, 2018

You can tell a lot about a person or a business by their front door and how it is kept. Welcome mats, lighting and cleanliness either give a good or bad impression immediately.

In Wednesday’s edition of The LaGrange Daily News, we wrote about the City of LaGrange holding a ribbon cutting after redoing the facade of City Hall. Storm damage in 2015 caused a root crack in the foundation wall.

The building opened in 1926, and the damage was making it deteriorate.

Improvements include new front steps and railings, gas lamps and a park bench dedicated to late city employees John Bell and Tom Hall. Next to the bench is a dog sculpture created by Chuck Moore, since former city manager Hall had Georgia Bulldog statues outside his office. The city also plans for trees and birdhouses near the bench.

As Mayor Jim Thornton told the public at the ribbon cutting, the new changes aren’t for the employees, but for the citizens of LaGrange. The new steps and lamps are meant to be more inviting. They’re meant to include people and welcome them in. The bench is for the citizens memories of Bell and Hall as well as a place to relax. The new sod and trees that are to come are more environmentally friendly.

If you haven’t seen the renovated building, we recommend driving by. It’s an improvement and will serve the community well.