New principals in Troup County

Published 6:25 pm Friday, August 3, 2018

Somehow, some way, we have reached the end of the summer season. In less than a week, school will resume in Troup County, as our community’s youth will soon return into their respective learning institutions.

The beginning of a new school year brings with it a certain sense of excitement and anticipation from the students, most assuredly, but also those same emotions are stirring within the depths of the teachers and administrators charged with their education as well.

For nine administrators in particular, those feelings of excitement, anticipation and anxiety are likely at an all-time high, as each step into a new leadership role across the county.

Across eight Troup County schools, there are nine administrators moving into either a principal or headmaster position, all of which will strive to lead the educational goals of the county forward.

Christina Grace and Amy Thornton have both been full-time principals in the county prior to this year, but are moving into new environments heading into the fall. Grace is moving from her principal position at Rosemont Elementary to become the principal of Callaway Elementary and will replace Thornton, who is leaving to become the principal of Callaway Middle School.

Gina Turner has been named the permanent principal of Hogansville Elementary after serving as the school’s interim for the second half of the 2017-18 school year.

Katie Brown and Dannette Walls are both moving into principal positions for the first time, as Brown has left her instructional specialist position at Callaway Elementary to become the principal of Long Cane Elementary, and Walls has left her instructional specialist position at Hillcrest Elementary to become the principal of Rosemont Elementary.

LaFayette Christian School will see Rene Gomez, longtime assistant headmaster, step into the headmaster position this year while Vikki Stringham will step into a new role as the upper school principal, marking a shift in leadership at one of LaGrange’s premiere private schools.

Hope Academy will see Jason Yohn step into the headmaster position there, as Yohn comes to the alternative school from a well-respected school district near Birmingham, Alabama.

Troup High School will have alumna and former assistant principal Niki Watts at the helm this year. Watts has served at the school for 18 years.

These nine administrators and educators have all been hand-picked for their new roles because of the leadership and competence they have shown in prior positions.

As a new school year begins with expectations and hopes held high, the students and community at large will look to these faces, along with a plethora of others, to ensure best teaching practices are upheld.

Good luck to these nine as they begin the year, and good luck to the county at large, as another exciting school year prepares to begin.