Excitement is contagious as new school year starts

Published 7:59 pm Friday, August 10, 2018

There’s arguably nothing more scrutinized in our community than our public-school system. Parents want the best for their children and the Troup County School System is the key to that future.

Of course, any parent will tell you that their children learn best when they are excited about school. That’s the hard part though.

Just getting a child out of bed on the first day of school can be a challenge. Although some children jump out of bed on the first day, many do not.

Thankfully, teachers and administrators from the school system brought plenty of excitement on Thursday.

Our reporters went to four different schools on Thursday morning, and at all four teachers were outside high-fiving students and welcoming them with hugs and smiles.

It’s great to see teachers excited to get back to work and ready to do their part to get tomorrow’s generation for life after school.