Working against statewide family violence

Published 9:09 pm Tuesday, August 28, 2018

In Tuesday’s edition of The LaGrange Daily News, we wrote about Harmony House Domestic Violence Shelter director Michele Bedingfield getting sworn in on the Georgia Commission on Family Violence. Bedingfield and 38 others from the state are working together to create and support task forces to end violence in their communities in the state of Georgia.

Bedingfield is working on the legislation and 2019 conference committees. She is one of three advocates for battered women on the commission.

With all of Bedingfield’s work with Harmony House, her new position is well deserved. We’re sure she’ll do a great job representing Troup County and people in crisis.

Harmony House is a presence in the communtiy. From its shelter for women and families to going to the local high schools to teach students about toxic relationships to holding the candle light vigil for victims of assault and abuse, Harmony House makes itself available for the community as a resource for those in crisis.

According to Safe Shelter Center for Domestic Violence Shelter’s website, 149 people in Georgia died last year due to domestic violence.

In 2013, around 27,000 domestic violence victims were assisted at domestic violence services in the state.

Twenty seven counties don’t have domestic violence shelters, and 26 counties have limited access to domestic violence shelters, according to the website. Unlike Troup County, other counties in the state don’t have a shelter, making it harder to reach out and give a hand to those in violent situations.

With Bedingfield on the commission, we hope other communities in the state  take to heart what has been done in Troup County and help put an end to domestic abuse and assault in the state.