Injuries reminder of dangers of fire fighting

Published 6:20 pm Tuesday, September 4, 2018

Four firefighters from the LaGrange Fire Department were hospitalized for injuries sustained Monday morning while responding to an overnight fire on Revis Street.

The firefighters were in the house when the fire “flashed,” causing an explosion. Two firefighters received third degree burns and two others had second degree burns and were placed in Grady Hospital in Atlanta.

Thankfully the six family members inside — including four children — had already escaped the blaze. The LFD responded to the fire just before 3 a.m. 

One of the residents of the house, Kenneth Lakes, said he was thankful for the firefighters who responded, noting that not many have the courage or heart to risk their life for others. 

We couldn’t say it better. 

Unfortunately, it sounds like the four injured firefighters have a long road ahead. Deputy Chief John Brant said it was the worst injuries he’d seen in his 23 years at the LaGrange Fire Department.

A GoFundMe Page was set up for the injured firefighters, noting the extra expenses for their families as they drive back and forth to Atlanta in the days ahead. The campaign has a goal of $25,000, and so far, $6,530 has been raised.

We encourage anyone able to consider making a donation. The family who lived at the home on Revis Street is also in need of community assistance.

Firefighters we talked to on Monday reiterated several times that this is a reminder of the dangers of the job. It’s also a reminder for all of us of the hard work our firefighters do at all hours of the day and night.

We’re thankful that we have brave men and women willing to throw on a uniform and run into danger to save others. We wish the firefighters injured a speedy recovery.