Reminder about Monday newspapers

Published 6:45 pm Monday, September 17, 2018

Beginning Monday, Sept. 17, The LaGrange Daily News changed print publication days to Tuesday through Saturday, no longer producing a Monday printed edition.

The move to a Tuesday through Saturday print publication, which was originally announced one month ago, will help our community’s top media organization align resources with its core mission: informing readers and guiding customers to its advertisers. The news organization will continue 24/7 news coverage through its digital products.

The change will now allow our staff to focus more precisely on producing a quality community print newspaper on the days’ readers and advertisers have proven matter to them most. It will also allow our staff to invest more time and energy into the development of our digital publishing products, which continue to grow rapidly in use by our readers and advertisers.

The decision was considered thoroughly prior to implementation and was driven by two key factors.

First, Monday was the least profitable print edition of the newspaper, thus it has been eliminated, allowing realignment of resources to best serve our customers’ needs and invest in continued quality journalism for our community.

Second, the move helps the newspaper best match its printed newspaper’s frequency and content with changing reader habits with more people accessing news and information from the Daily News’ website on computers and mobile devices.

The website is read by more than 85,000 users monthly.

Over the last decade particularly, many newspaper readers have migrated from print newspapers to newspaper websites as their primary source for local news. We are fortunate to have a healthy print newspaper audience, but we also recognize reader habits have changed, too, which is why we are placing a renewed focus on our online E-edition. 

The move to reduce print frequency, launch an e-edition and focus on development of our digital media better positions us to continue to serve the people of Troup County for many years to come.

We welcome your thoughts in the way of calls, emails and letters to the editor.