Are you happy with the job you’re doing?

Published 9:45 pm Tuesday, September 25, 2018

You can’t fake passion. I see a lot of people in jobs that are not fitted for them. I have read in USA Today that 53 percent of people in the workplace are unhappy with their jobs. My message to everyone is to take time to think of what you really like doing and see what you can do to be the best at that job. 

Discover your talents. I have a friend that loves to take pictures and she has gone to many classes and now her beautiful pictures are selling, and she is winning contests. Why? Because it is her passion. She loves getting better and better with her camera. I am telling you, find your passion in life and strive to make it your mission to be the best you can be. Maybe not the best in the world, but the very best you can be. When you start putting your mind to what you love, you become unstoppable.

You’re not too old, it does not matter what your goals are. Have a clear goal, a game plan and then work your game plan. Keep your goals in front of you. I have a friend that wants his health to be better. He has lost 46 pounds and wants to lose another 50 pounds. All he has to do is work his plan and have the right friends that gives him a pat on the back, a kind word and he will be there. “The will to win … the will to achieve … goes dry and arid without continuous renewal,” said Vince Lombardi Jr. Keep the passion and keep your dream and you will live your dream.