There’s still time to register to vote

Published 7:43 pm Thursday, September 27, 2018

Time is running out if you haven’t registered to vote in November’s general election. 

The voter registration deadline is Oct. 9, just a little over a week away, so there are still a few days left to get registered so you can have your say. It’s almost underselling it to say the upcoming election is an important one for Georgia, considering a new governor, lieutenant governor and secretary of state will be elected.

The primary and run-off elections earlier this year saw low voter turnout statewide, including in Troup County. Around 17 percent of registered voters took part in the primary election and about 10 percent voted in the primary.

The lack of many competitive local races on the ballot means that less voters could be engaged this time around, but we’re hoping the governor’s race incentivizes most Georgians to get to the polls. Troup County Commission Chairman Patrick Crews is running unopposed, as is Coweta Judicial Circuit District Attorney Herb Cranford.

There are some competitive races on the ballot with local ties though. Incumbent Drew Ferguson is facing off with Chuck Enderlin to represent the 3rd Congressional District of Georgia, Randy Robertson and Valerie Haskins are up for State Senator for District 29 and Leonard Gomez and Bob Trammell are running to represent district 132. All three of those districts include Troup County.

There are also five constitutional amendments on the ballot and two statewide referenda. 

We encourage anyone who hasn’t registered to do so before the deadline on Oct. 9. Voters will determine who leads the future of our state in November, and you want to have your voice heard.