Community needed for search

Published 8:14 pm Tuesday, October 2, 2018

The Troup County Board of Education met Thursday to discuss the next steps in its superintendent search with search firm McPherson & Jacobson.

The board spent a large portion of the meeting deciding what five characteristics they wanted in a superintendent, including being open to stakeholder input, being a part in the community and being approachable, personal and professional.

The characteristics the school board decided on point to the fact that they want someone who will listen to and work with the community. Since the beginning of the superintendent search, the school board has asked for advice on how to get the public’s input in what it’d like to see in the next TCSS superintendent.

When they get it down to a few candidates, the board wants the community, from business owners, to teachers, to parents and students meeting the potential superintendents to get their feedback.

The hope is that the next superintendent — whoever he or she might be — will serve the students of Troup County for many years, so the board wants to make sure it hires the right candidate. 

It’s clear that through the expansive search the school board values the opinion of the community and wants to take its time and hire the person that will best serve the students of Troup County.