Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia upgrades website

Published 5:34 pm Monday, October 8, 2018

On Monday, Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia, Inc. announced that it was upgrading its current website to better support customers using mobile devices. 

This upgrade will also include new photography, a cleaner layout and a focus on the mobility aspect of KMMG’s corporate social responsibility initiatives.

“In the previous version of our website, the traffic was primarily from PCs, but that has dramatically shifted to mobile devices during the past few years,” said Stuart C. Countess, KMMG’s chief administrative officer. 

“We knew that the next version of our site would need to cater to smartphones and tablets, while still maintaining a great experience for those PC users. That focus, along with some great new photography and a cleaner layout, has really given us a site that the KMMG team can be proud of.”  

To check out KMMG’s newly designed site, please visit