Troup County Sheriff’s Office Arrest, Release Report for Period Ending Oct. 24

Published 6:35 pm Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Lauren Elizabeth Alsobrook, 34, 119 Cedar Ridge Drive, LaGrange, aggravated-assault-gun (FVA), cruelty to child 3rd degree, $1,000 bond, in jail 

Donnie Joe Baker, 63, 932 Greenville Street, LaGrange, sentenced state, no bond, in jail 

Jason Quinn Barnes, 27, 54 Pine Grove Drive, LaGrange, VGCSA-amphetamine, $5,000 bond, in jail

Susie Belcher Carter, 57, 117 Tuggle Street, Hogansville, driving on suspended/revoked license, DUI-alcohol, open container, $2,500 bonded out 

David Jason Faulkenberry, 50, 78 Terrace Circle, LaGrange, probation violation (superior), bond denied, released on probation 

Robert Lee Feltman, 53, 54 Pine Grove Drive, LaGrange, VGCSA-amphetamine-sale/possession with intent to distribute, $10,000 bond, in jail 

Angela Elaine Garrett, 55, 101 Lori Lane 6, Ringgold, financial card fraud, $2,000 bond, bonded out 

Che’aprial Shadda Parquietta Harrison, 26, 10 Timothy Street, LaGrange, criminal damage to property-2nd degree, $5,000 bond, bonded out 

Tabious Darquez Heard, 26, 606 Frank Hall Street, West Point, sentenced superior, bond denied, released on time served 

Wayne August Hudson, 37, 115 Turner Street B, LaGrange, incest, child molestation, rape-strong arm, bond denied, bonded out 

Tommy Delaney Newsome, 56, 117 DeGroat Street, LaGrange, sentenced municipal, bond denied, in jail 

A minor, LaGrange, theft by shoplifting (city) $500 or less, criminal trespass (city), $2,000 bond, in jail 

Monica Danette Patillo, 50, 919 Burton Street, LaGrange, parole violation (felony), bond denied, released to other agency 

Thomas Camp Rainey Jr., 48, 822 New Franklin Road 4, LaGrange, sanction order from state court, no bond, released on time served 

Troy Dongrell Roan, 51, no address listed, theft-other, $1,000 bond, in jail 

Jerry Saulsberry, 55, 3470 Framingham Drive, Lithonia, driving on suspended/revoked license, driving motor vehicle on suspended/canceled/revoked registration, no bond, bonded out 

Joshua William Tillman, 31, 54 Pine Grove Drive, LaGrange, stalking (misdemeanor) (FVA), identity fraud, theft-other, probation violation (LaGrange), VGCSA-amphetamine-possession, VGCSA-marijuana-possession, $8,000 bond, in jail 

Jesse Uriah Totten, 34, 284 West Point Road, LaGrange, driving on suspended/revoked license, fail to use safety belts in pass vehicle, $1,500 bond, in jail 

Carl Ryan Walker, 25, 115 Sunset Drive, West Point, leaving the scene of accident, no bond, bonded out 

Charles Chase Wardlaw, 22, 108 Ridgefield Drive, LaGrange, sentenced municipal, bond denied, in jail 

Anthony Wayne Williams, 32, 45 Horseshoe Bend Road, West Point, failure to appear (state), bond denied, released to other agency 

Andrea Wilson, 49, 421 Lowery Road, Grantville, sentenced state, bond denied, in jail 

Amy Elizabeth Zamorano-Vazquez, 27, 611 Warner Road, LaGrange, probation violation (superior), bond denied, in jail