You are not too old

Published 5:12 pm Thursday, October 25, 2018

We become what we think about. I see people get a hobby and they know everything about that hobby. I see people into watching ball games who can tell you every play that their team has made all year long. I see people that get into fishing. They know every product out there and spend hours reading about which products are best.

Wouldn’t it be cool if people got that excited about being the best they can at their chosen career, their retirement or helping their kids plan the best career for their future? I believe every human can make their life so much better by taking the time to have a good map of where they are going in life.

This can be as simple as planning for a rainy day. Yes, we will have some rainy days in our future. Plan those trips and make it a goal to make those trips happen. I have often said when I get really old I would be able to tell you what I did, not that I wish I had gotten out of town and seen the world. I dare each one of you, while you have your health, to go and enjoy the world, but to do that you must have the seed of doing. I dare you to believe and succeed in the great things life has to offer. You are not too old. Dream on and have a passion for life.