LAM howls at the moon

Published 7:46 pm Tuesday, October 30, 2018

After the crowds cleared from Saturday’s chili cook off, some of the community’s art lovers gathered at the LaGrange Art Museum to view the work of a Newnan-based group of plein air and studio painters and “Howl at the Moon.”

The Howl at the Moon event was an opening reception for the Society of Seven.

The show features a variety of work ranging from dancers to cows in a field to buildings to boats. Some of the artists have been featured in shows in LaGrange previously, but others said this was their first time exhibiting in LaGrange.

“We’ve been here several times for other shows that are here,” said Dana Johnson, part of the Society of Seven. “I love it. It is just a beautiful museum. I’ve seen a lot of good shows here, so we are very proud of being here.”

Sue Christman, another member of the society, said her work was featured in an invitational show in LaGrange four years ago, and she was excited to return.

“We are thrilled to have this opportunity to show our work here,” Christman said. “We love this space because of the way it is divided up and the lighting and the ceilings. It is just a perfect place to show art.”

A large part of the Society of Seven’s work comes from plein air painting, meaning the artist paints the picture outside while looking at the subject.

“I’m a plein air painter, and I paint from life, so my small pieces were done on location,” said Millie Gosch, part of the Society of Seven. “They are studies for the larger pieces. I primarily landscape.”

However, other styles of work are also featured in the exhibit.

“I’m a plein air painter too, but I have taken a right turn and am doing some abstract work and some clay work,” said Elsa Sibley, part of the Society of Seven. “When we got invited here to do this [exhibit at the LaGrange Art Museum], we were all very excited, and I was in the middle of the clay work, so I brought a little of both.”

The Society of Seven exhibit will be on display at LAM until Jan. 19, and most pieces are available for purchase.

“People love it,” said Laura Jennings, the executive director of LAM. “A lot of people know a lot of the artists since they are from Newnan, but it has been very positively received.”

According to Jennings, about 130 people RSVP-ed for Howl at the Moon, which in addition to the new exhibit featured food from Country’s and music by Front Porch Collective.

“It is just so much fun to use that courtyard in the back,” Jennings said.

Admission to the museum is free, but donations are encouraged. For more information about LAM, visit