Why Brian Kemp should be our next governor

Published 5:16 pm Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Aug. 16, 1976 – Carrollton, Georgia. After playing outside in the heat of the summer, I went inside to ask my parents whether I could stay up to watch “Mr. Reagan.” I was 3-years-old.

I went into the living room, sat on the couch and watched what I would later learn to be Ronald Reagan’s concession speech as he lost by a little more than 100 votes to Gerald Ford. Since that night, I became intrigued with politics.  

In just a few days, Georgians will elect several public servants. However, there is one race that will have a critical effect on the Peach State — the gubernatorial election. Voting records and whether donors have ties to our state tell us more about a candidate than who “won” a debate.

Secretary of State Brian Kemp (R) is running against Stacey Abrams (D), the former House minority leader. Politically, they could not be any different.  

While I fully endorse Brian Kemp, I would be remiss in not sharing that I had lunch with Abrams last year. We discussed Carrollton, our backgrounds, and the speech she was about to give. We did not discuss a single political issue the entire day. I found her to be one of the most intelligent, charming and driven people I have met. While there are hundreds of issues affecting our state, below are the four cornerstones that will either provide the foundation for a healthy Georgia or the crumbling of the capital of the south: 

  • Taxes/Spending — Kemp, a businessman, will focus on spending money that is necessary, like increased teacher pay, while eliminating wasteful and/or arbitrary spending. He will cut state income taxes and put financial stewardship at the forefront. 
  • 2nd Amendment — Brian Kemp opposes new gun restrictions and backs “constitutional carry,” which would let gun owners conceal and carry handguns without a permit. He proposed a sales tax holiday for guns and ammunition. 
  • Criminal Justice — Kemp clearly points out that verified gang affiliated violence is a public safety crisis and plans to create a new unit in the state attorney general’s office devoted to fighting the crime. He will continue the bipartisan reforms that have been a large part of Governor Deal’s legacy. 
  • Illegal Immigration — Kemp will propose creating a database for tracking illegal immigrants with criminal convictions and for speeding up their deportations. 

Remember, elections have consequences. This is a very close race. Vote.