Everything worthwhile is free

Published 5:24 pm Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Everything that’s really worthwhile in life came to us free — our health, our minds, our souls,  our hopes for the future, our dreams, our smarts or lack of them, our family, our  friends and our children. 

All those things were free, and we can never replace them. The things we buy, like our cars and our houses are really very cheap, and we take such great pride in them.  They can burn down, and we will replace them. We are all given a great mind, but we use so little of it. They say we use less than 10 percent of our mind, and we take it for granted every day. I dare you to take time to use your mind in a very positive way and take time to use your mind to help yourself and other people. 

Take time to use your mind and think back on what your grandfather or grandmother may have done for you that meant the most. Telling you that you could do anything made you feel special. 

We are all guided by our minds. I am asking you as we get into the holiday season to use your mind and try to make it special for you and those people around you. 

The things that are free are very special so take time to stop and think of what was special for you years ago. Make those things special for someone else. It may be teaching a child to make cookies or bake a pie for someone to give away. Louise was letting Weston, our 6-year-old grandson, learn how to make an apple pie. She had him peeling apples with an apple peeler, and he was having a blast. 

He stopped, looked at her real seriously and said, “Lou Lou, you can never get rid of this. I love peeling the apples with it.” Now folks, that is all free. It made her smile for hours because they both had so much fun. Set your mind to create those free moments with your loved ones in the coming weeks.