Be thankful for our weather in the south

Published 5:47 pm Wednesday, November 28, 2018

We are so blessed here in Troup County, we do not have major floods, wildfires or major ice storms that block everyone in. Many people have died in California and more are missing.

Just 130 miles up the road in north Georgia, sometimes people are snowed in for seven days at a time.

We do have four seasons of the year and not really bad weather at any one time.

So, when you’re saying your prayers think of the people out west with their major fires, the people up north who are frozen in and you will think of how blessed we really are here in the South.

I was hunting in North Dakota, and a farmer said in the spring he had up to 26 feet of snow up against his barn, and if you left a 5 gallon container of diesel fuel out at night, it would freeze solid. So, with that said, smile and be thankful for our weather.