Ferguson’s political rise reflects well on local area

Published 5:05 pm Thursday, November 29, 2018

On Tuesday of this week, current United States House of Representatives Majority Whip Steve Scalise announced Drew Ferguson will serve as his chief deputy whip for the 116th Congress, which will begin in January. Ferguson, the former mayor of West Point and current U.S. Representative for Georgia’s 3rd congressional district, will now be tasked with assisting Scalise in counting votes and coordinating on legislation within the Republican ranks throughout the course of the next congressional session.

Traditionally in the United States, whips have been selected from each primary political party in both the House and Senate to ensure party discipline, and are tasked with ensuring those elected officials within their respective parties vote along party lines. The position dates back to the early 20th century at the federal level, and today the chief deputy whip is the highest-ranking appointed position in the House of Representatives.

Ferguson’s appointment to this role is certainly a significant stride for his professional career, and speaks to the trust and confidence House Republicans have in his abilities as a legislator. The appointment also casts West Point in a positive light as well, as it shows one of the area’s own achieving success on the national stage.   

Whether or not you share the same political views as Ferguson, his dedication and willingness to serve the area should be commended. A dentist by trade who served as the mayor of West Point for eight years prior to his appointment to the House, Ferguson felt a call to politics, saw a need and has filled that need to the best of his ability. Political views and aspirations aside, the ambition and gumption to pursue a professional goal to the level Ferguson has should be commended.

Ferguson’s success and rise should also serve as an inspiration to those locally, looking to achieve success in their chosen field. Whether it be in the political spectrum, the business world, the athletic field or any other facet of life, so often ambition is felled by a lack of courage and fortitude. Ferguson had courage to step into the realm of politics and has been subsequently rewarded for that courage. Granted, we should not judge our own successes and failures in light of another’s, Ferguson should serve as a case study on why it is important not to fear being uncomfortable in an effort to achieve goals.