Special Night highlights special needs

Published 7:26 pm Monday, December 10, 2018

Last Thursday, LaGrange High School’s gymnasium was filled with energetic fans, basketball players and cheerleaders. The second annual Special Night for Special Grangers was held, where students with special needs play against each other on two teams or participate as cheerleaders.

The students with specials needs donned the school’s uniforms, and members of the LHS basketball team were also on the court and helping however they could.

Events like this are great because they allow the students with special needs involved the community and help showcase them. Special needs students may not work at the same pace as the rest of the school’s population, but they’re just as valuable.

Showing them that they are talented and letting them take part in a fun night like the basketball game is a great way to include the whole community. These students were excited to play and cheer, and it’s great inviting the community to share in that joy.

We hope events with more opportunities for students with special needs are held and appreciate LHS for holding this event.