Congratulations Jones, Mwikuta

Published 5:57 pm Thursday, December 20, 2018

All around the country on Wednesday, young men signed letters of intent to play college football at the school of their choice.

College football’s early signing day is all about recruits putting on the hat of their choosing, getting fans excited about what the future might hold in the process. Two local student athletes were talented enough to earn scholarship offers and sign on Wednesday, and both figure to have extremely bright futures ahead.

Callaway High School’s Keiondre Jones signed with Auburn and Troup High School’s King Mwikuta signed with Alabama on Wednesday. Both were highly recruited prospects that made decisions a long time ago. Neither had multiple hats on the table Wednesday or made their signing into a ‘made for TV’ show.

Both had prepared themselves for that moment months ago, made a decision and stuck with it.

Regardless of how you feel about the Tide and Tigers — a conversation that is likely to start a lively debate just about anywhere in this part of the country — both Jones and Mwikuta are heading to programs most would consider the cream of the crop.

There are great universities all over this country, but some have seen more success on the football field than others. SEC football is generally considered the best product of the college sport, at least has been over the last two decades, and Alabama and Auburn are regularly top 10 teams.

Alabama, obviously, has dominated recently unlike any program in recent memory and might add another national championship to its stash in a few weeks. Auburn remains the chaser, but unlike most teams around the country, the Tigers have at least proven they can beat Alabama from time to time.

Jones and Mwikuta will get a chance to play in front of the nation on the biggest stages in college athletics. One day, Jones might even be trying to block Mwikuta in the Iron Bowl.

Both the players, their schools, coaches and parents should be extremely proud of what each player has accomplished. Other students should look at them as examples of what can happen with hard work and dedication.

We wish them both luck as they start their careers in the SEC.