An opportunity to get it right in 2019

Published 3:13 pm Tuesday, January 1, 2019

This week ushers in another year. For many, we will engage in the age-old tradition of making New Year’s resolutions based on mistakes made in 2018. Each new year allows us the opportunity to reflect on our life and to correct what we believe has hindered us from our self-actualization. We make resolutions to get it right in 2019.

For me, I think of the many things that have occurred during my lifetime that have had a major impact in our lives-some shocking our moral sensibilities. I was born into a segregated America, but lived during the tumultuous period that led to an integrated society that gave meaning to the country we call the United States of America. During my life, a popular president and his brother were killed by assassins’ bullets. I actually had the opportunity to see this president as he campaigned for the office in the city of LaGrange.

A man, called a prophet, by many-even today, became the voice of the Civil Rights movement that emancipated our country from its racist past, was also the victim of assassination during my lifetime.

Even with these surfeits of woes, America was becoming stronger despite attempts to destabilize our great democracy. I can say to my grandchildren today, that in spite of the social issues that continue to plague our country, America continues to be known as a place that lives up to Emma Lazarus’ sonnet-a portion of which appeared on our Stature of Liberty: “Give me your tired, your poor, your huddled masses yearning to breathe free.”

When I think of 2019, it forces me to come to grips with how fast time actually passes. I think of my three children who are now grown with their own kids, who regularly remind me that they are now adults. I personally miss my own parents. This time of year is especially sad for me, because even though they have been dead for many years, memories of them cause my tears to slow me down.

A new year forces one to understand, that no matter our problems or circumstances, time marches on. It truly is a time to look back on 2018 to determine how to improve upon our chances for happiness in 2019. To get it right this year, begin by purging your life of toxic and negative people. They sap our energy and cause us to remain in a state of malaise and discontent. Unless you are forced to work with them, stay away from disingenuous people, they are like predators, waiting, and sometime praying, for your failure or misery.

Finally, get to know God in 2019. Get involved in a church where messages are delivered that genuinely parallel the tenets of loving others without regard to their race or socio-economic circumstances. In doing so, you might just get it right.