Veterans’ legacies live on YouTube

Published 5:28 pm Monday, January 7, 2019

Everyone has a story to tell, and thanks to the Archives and History Committee at First Baptist Church on the Square, local veterans’ stories are being preserved. The committee interviewed veterans who served in different wars and eras, and are now releasing some of those videos on YouTube.

The committee has been keeping the videos in the church library, but wanted to reach a bigger audience with YouTube. We’re glad they did because these stories are important to tell.

There are fewer and fewer members of the generation who served in World War II or Korea as the years go on and having them recorded talking about their service preserves history. Some of these veterans never get the chance to tell people what they lived through and what they did while serving the country.

Even hearing from veterans who recently served overseas gives people a chance to learn what the war was like.

There are so many sides and facets to war, and hearing these stories adds a new perspective to what happened. Even when veterans pass away, their accounts will still live on.

The archives committee is also searching for any veterans outside of the church for interviews. Anyone interested in speaking with the committee can call the church at (706) 884-5631. To view the interviews on YouTube, visit

We encourage everyone to take the time to watch the interviews.