Hundreds of German shepherds to be rescued from Georgia puppy mill

Published 6:06 pm Tuesday, January 8, 2019

For six years, those who lived and worked around a puppy mill where dogs are living in horrible conditions kept reporting their concerns and asking someone to step in and doing something. Now, someone finally has.

Guardians of Rescue are leadingthe rescue of the hundreds of German shepherds living in horrible conditions at a puppy mill in Montgomery County, Georgia.

They will include the removal of the dogs, getting them medical care, and finding new permanent and loving homes.

“These poor dogs have been living miserable lives. We are happy to be the ones to finally bring it all to an end,” said Robert Misseri, president of Guardians of Rescue, an animal rescue organization.“We can’t do this on our own because we don’t have the funds to pull off a rescue of this size. We desperately need the help of the public in order to make this happen and get all of these dogs to safety.”

The puppy mill has hundreds of German shepherds in a large fenced area dotted with small dog houses. The area has no grass, and the dogs live in around 10 inches of mud and animal waste at all times. Those who live in the area have worked tirelessly to bring attention to the terrible conditions these dogs were living in, hoping that they could get the puppy mill closed down and help the dogs find great homes to live out the rest of their lives, and that’s exactly what finally happened.

Guardians of Rescue are currently working to remove all of the dogs from the horrific conditions at the German shepherd breeding business. They have partnered with Animal Aid USA, along with Victoria Stillwell, an internationally-known dog trainer, and Claudine Wilkins, Georgia’s most prominent animal rights attorney and founder of Animal Law Source.

The whole team will go to the Montgomery County puppy mill to assist with the rescue, along with veterinarians, vet technicians, and other volunteers.

Through their efforts, the dogs will be removed, receive needed medical care and be adopted out to properly vetted homes. The group is partnering with others in order to help make this large scale rescue a success.

“Anyone who takes a look at the news video to see the conditions at this puppy mill would know instantly that these dogs need to be rescued,” Misseri said.

“We are happy to be the ones to do it. We just need the public to help us make it happen, because we are going to take on a big expense through moving the dogs, getting veterinary care, buying supplies, and ensuring proper vetting to adopt them out. Together, we can all make great things happen for these dogs that are in such need of our help.”

Guardians of Rescue need financial donations to assist with the large-scale dog rescue in Montgomery County, Georgia. Those who would like to make a donation to help with the rescue can do so via the following link: