City of Hogansville moving forward

Published 5:49 pm Wednesday, January 9, 2019

During the last year, the Hogansville City Council has worked through several steps to move city hall from the Royal Theatre to the old PNC Bank building.

On Monday, the council voted between two options on how to renovate the bank building. It was the latest important decision for the council, who last year approved a downtown master plan and voted to renovate the Royal Theatre into a performing arts center.

The council chose the cheaper of the two options, saving approximately $45,000 in estimated construction costs. This also the one it believed made the most sense for the city moving forward. The Hogansville council hasn’t exactly been known for swift decision making in recent years, though they have been tasked with challenging problems that take time to resolve.

The good news is that the council made a decision Monday, and the city can move forward with plans that won’t further delay a transition into the PNC Bank building.

It was the latest step in making changes that will have a large impact on Hogansville’s future.

A year ago, Hogansville was considering the downtown master plan, hadn’t decided on what to do with the theatre and didn’t have a building in place to move city hall to. At the beginning of 2019, all of those items appear to be falling into place.