Going strong through January

Published 5:44 pm Tuesday, January 15, 2019

The year has only begun, and yet, here we are halfway through January. How many of us have been able to cling to those well intentioned commitments that we made on Dec. 31?

New year’s resolutions often get a bad rap for being unreasonable goals that are forgotten by the end of January, but today is the perfect day to recommit to those goals with a bit more understanding of the elements of those resolutions that have made them practically impossible to keep. What is missing to make these goals achievable?

In the Tuesday edition of The LaGrange Daily News, we wrote about how locals are taking charge of their health by seeking out those elements at the LaGrange Active Life. Most of the healthy habits that Active Life members seemed most excited about all seemed to have two factors in common — they were fun, and they meant being part of a group. Those commonalities seemed to make sticking to regular exercise and courses on healthy eating a little bit easier for those taking part.

Even for locals under 55 years of age who don’t attend Active Life, those simple techniques can provide encouragement. After all, it is easy to decide not to go on a walk or jog on your own, but no one wants to cancel spending time with a friend, even if it means the same amount of  exercise. Classes on pretty much any subject are more enjoyable when you can compare notes with friends afterwards.

So, today is the day to reevaluate those resolutions, call up a friend and make a plan.