Art Museum holds annual meeting, lecture

Published 7:37 pm Friday, January 18, 2019

Local art lovers gathered in the LaGrange Art Museum’s Center for Creative Learning on Thursday to hear University of Georgia Director William Eiland speak on how to view art.

The lecture was part of LAM’s annual meeting, and even though the crowd was made up of artists, art lovers and collectors were still excited to hear Eiland’s thoughts on viewing art.

“Bill Eiland was an entertaining speaker yet so full of knowledge,” LAM Executive Director Laura Jennings said. “Several of those in attendance said they wish they could take a class with him. “

Part of Eiland’s focus on Thursday was viewing abstract pieces, which even art lovers sometimes report having difficulty understanding.

“Hearing Bill speak about art last night was like drinking water from a fire hose,” Jennings said. “He taught the audience what we should see in a few select pieces of art from the Georgia Museum of Art’s permanent collection. It was the perfect lecture for an art loving audience.”

Despite the nature of the audience, Eiland said that he spoke to them the same way he would any other group. 

“I am going to treat them the same way that I treat students at the University of Georgia,” Eiland said before the lecture.  “I also do [this lecture] for students at the medical school and policemen. That is trying to figure out a way for them — whether they are a student and whatever age they are — to be able to make sense of what they are seeing through their experience, but also through what they are looking at.”

Outgoing board members Connie Boccucci, Steve Griffin, Nanci Lechacz, Leigh Newman, Martha Pirkle and Jackie Terrail were also honored at the event.