West Point man arrested on battery and false imprisonment charges

Published 12:00 am Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Dustin Duncan

Valley Times-News

WEST POINT — A West Point man faces felony charges after slamming his girlfriend on a bed and refusing to let her talk to law enforcement, according to Captain Kevin Carter of the West Point Police Department.

Wesley William Hedden, 34, faces charges of simple battery, false imprisonment and cruelty to child in the third degree. The false imprisonment charge is a felony, according to Carter.

Hedden was arrested Monday at 1401 E. 12th St., at the Pine Ridge Apartment Complex after an altercation with his live-in girlfriend. During the verbal argument, Carter said the victim attempted to lock herself in the restroom to separate herself from Hedden.

Hedden then kicked in the bathroom door, picked up the woman, carried her into a bedroom and slammed her on the bed. Carter said he doesn’t believe Hedden struck the woman after slamming her down, due to the nature of the charges.

In the downstairs portion of the apartment, a third party called law enforcement after hearing screaming upstairs. According to Carter, when the victim attempted to leave the bedroom, Hedden would not let her leave to speak with the police, blocking her way out of the bedroom.

Also, because the act was seen by a young child, it constituted the cruelty to child charges.

Hedden was arrested and booked in the Troup County Jail Monday.

The false imprisonment charge is a felony with a potential punishment of one to 10 years in prison upon conviction. The simple battery and cruelty to child 3rd degree are misdemeanor charges.