Pantry a reminder anyone can make a difference

Published 6:00 am Saturday, February 23, 2019

If you watch enough children’s television or attend school board meetings regularly, you know the importance of reading in a child’s development.

Reading essentially acts as a building block to learning. At a certain point, learning how to say and pronounce words turns into understanding and comprehending the sentences on a written page.

Of course, much of the emphasis is placed on school systems to make sure children learn how to read. However, reading starts at home and can continue through community-led efforts, such as little libraries and other initiatives.

That’s why Mike and Amanda James decided to create their own lending library, which also serves as a free pantry. The library is located on Avenue E in West Point and is stocked with books for all ages and different food supplies.

Basically, it allows anyone to grab a snack or a book. Of course, it also depends on the community to help keep it stocked, too.

“Take a book now, leave a book later,” it says.

There are many similar little libraries in LaGrange and other parts of Troup County. Debbie Burdette, who many know as Mama Jama, said she loves to see footprints in front of the one at the playground at Granger Park, because she knows it’s being used.

These libraries are a reminder that anyone can make a difference in their community. Some of the books may help children continue learning to read; others might give an adult an excuse to find a shade tree and read an afternoon away.   

We applaud the James family on their Little Free Pantry and hope others will follow their lead. What can you do to make Troup County a better place to live?

Whether it’s going through an old library and donating books or buying a couple of extra snacks to donate, there are many ways to brighten someone else’s day.