Law enforcement working quickly to solve terrible situation

Published 5:00 am Thursday, February 28, 2019

On Friday afternoon, the Lanett Police Department in Lanett, Alabama responded to a call from a concerned citizen related to what appeared to be a body in the water in Moore’s Creek near the Alfred Lyons Bridge on Magnolia Road, just across the Georgia state line. The police department responded and, with the help of equipment provided by the Lanett Fire Department, indeed removed a body from the water at approximately 4 pm ET.

At the time, the  Lanett Police Department could not identify the gender, approximate age or race of the deceased, and sent the body off to Montgomery for further examination. 

Fast-forward to Monday, which saw the arrest of two Hogansville men, Aaron Blake Creed and Donald Freeman Kee, Jr., who were both charged with murder in connection to the body recovered. Kee was already in the Troup County Jail at the time, and has been since Feb. 21 on second-degree child abuse charges. Creed was arrested by the Troup County Sheriff’s Department on Monday in Hogansville.

On Wednesday morning, the West Point Police Department stated in a press release that the body pulled from beside the Alfred Lyons Bridge was a white male, approximately 28 to 38 years of age. The male had brown hair and brown facial chin hair and was approximately 6-feet-4-inches tall.

Per the press release, the incident in question may have taken place on Feb. 20 in West Point, as the West Point Police Department was contacted by an individual who reported they had observed a white male assaulted at a residence in the 1400 block of Avenue K.

While the complainant could not provide the victim’s name or the location of the victim at the time of the complaint, a date and approximate time of the incident as well as the names of the offending individuals in the assault were given.

On Wednesday afternoon, the identity of the deceased was determined to be 41-year-old Jeremy Fetner.

This is a developing story that is steeped in sadness and the result of horrific behavior on the guilty parties, whoever they may be. Currently, the case is being worked by multiple law enforcement agencies who have worked quickly to identify key suspects as well as the identity of the victim.

In light of the tragedy and quick work from the law enforcement agencies, we are both saddened by the events as well as thankful for sharp law enforcement professionals who do their jobs swiftly and efficiently.