Rental properties a true lottery ticket

Published 3:09 pm Monday, March 4, 2019

Every week you hear someone say, “If I could only win the lottery!”

I have read that most people that do are broke within 7 years because they buy everything in sight with no game plan on how to manage their money. Well, if you had a game plan, perhaps you may get a million or more by putting money in a 401K. Then, I bet you would take it out and spend it with a good plan. I know that is not fancy or exciting like winning it big in Vegas, but do you know anyone that has beat Vegas?

Another way that I like to make a good return on an investment is to buy some rental houses in good locations.

Rent keeps going up over the years financing them for 15 years and someone else makes the payments for you.  Now, that is my lottery ticket.