Local sisters opening fashion truck based out of LaGrange

Published 6:41 pm Tuesday, March 5, 2019

A new style of fashion boutique is opening its doors in Troup County, and it is unlike anything seen in the area before.

Sisters Bianca and Bridgette Tatum plan to celebrate the grand opening of LaGrange’s first fashion truck on Sunday. The EightTwenty91 Fashion Truck will feature clothes that the sisters have been selling at their online store, and they plan to take the truck to a variety of events throughout the region.

“Some people think the truck is used just for marketing, but it is not actually,” Bianca said. “It is a boutique inside. There is a dressing room. There are hangers. There are racks. It is just like a store packed into a truck. So, people are mostly surprised because it is not something that is prevalent in the south, but it is a well-established business [model] comparable to a food truck.”

According to Bianca, the truck will visit events in Auburn, Columbus, Opelika, Atlanta and more where it will serve as a pop-up boutique. Additionally, it will allow for private events.

“We’ve come to a ladies’ night, where a woman and her girlfriends are hosting a ladies’ night,” Bianca said. “We have the capability to bring our truck to their house and assist them in shopping, fashion and style tips.”

Eighttwenty91’s clothing is made for working women who need clothes that can be worn at work, school or out with friends.

“We want to appeal to the working woman,” Bianca said. “A woman ages 24 to 36,38 is our typical audience that we have done research on from our previous clients. Someone who wears multiple hats, maybe someone who is a student but also hosts social events or likes to go out and have transitional pieces, so something that you can wear to the office and out for drinks or to a lounge or wherever you’d like to go.”

However, the sisters say the fashion truck is about more than clothes. It is about fulfilling a dream and providing an example and an opportunity for other local businesses owners to do so as well.

“I am excited about the truck because it’s an expansion of our business,” Bridgette said. “Bianca and I have been planning for this for five years and to see it happening is exciting. We have worked really hard together and that alone means a lot to me. I am excited to share this new venture with the community and hopefully inspire others to expand their business.”

Bianca said that the fashion truck also allows them to reach a broader market than a standard store would since it can travel to various event locations. At the same time though, both sisters said they hope that the fashion truck will bring something to the community.

“My sister and I are part of LaGrange, Georgia, and we take pride in that,” Bianca said. “We want to bring something back to the community. At our first event, we will be having several other vendors as well — other apparel vendors, different women and men selling different things.”

EightTwenty91 Fashion Truck plans to host its grand opening on March 10 at 2 p.m. at the Cannonville Community Center located at 1103 Cannonville Road in LaGrange. For more information about the fashion truck or its future locations, visit Eighttwenty91.com or check out Eighttwenty91 on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.