The end of Hitler

Published 4:54 pm Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Few have captured the attention of historians more than Adolf Hitler. Some called him the biblical anti-Christ, an individual who would be so spell-binding that his demonic intentions to rule the world would be concealed. Adolf Hitler was, in fact, a charismatic individual who believed that he was providentially chosen to rule the world. After coming to power in Germany using violence, intimidation and blaming the horrible economies of Europe at the time on Jews, he used anti-semitism to invoke the passions of his supporters.

Hitler’s arrogance and messianic beliefs about his being a God that was to be worshipped by those in his growing German Empire, called the Third Reich, provoked World War II. He wanted more countries added to his Reich. It began with Hitler planning Operation Barbarossa — a six-week campaign to defeat the mighty Russian empire. He prepared the largest military force ever seen to take over the country.

Operation Barbarossa began at daybreak on June 22, 1941. Hitler was determined to reach Moscow before winter. By November, the Germans were only 19 miles outside the city. But the mud and winter weather — the worst in 20 years — stopped them. The German planes could not handle the subzero temperatures. Fires had to be set under the engines to help start them. The few heaters they had were used on the engines to heat them. It was so cold that even the mechanics’ hands froze to their tools. The Germans would never reach Moscow. Three million Russians and 800,000 Germans were dead in the attempt.

Even at a considerable loss of lives, the Russians were in better shape. Their planes were equipped for colder temperatures. As the summer of 1942 came, Hitler rerouted his ground troops toward the oil fields in the south. In November, an estimated 300,000 German soldiers found themselves trapped in Stalingrad, surrounded by the Russian Army. Gradually, the Germans were pushed back to Berlin. They had attacked a country unprepared for war and weakened by terror. Yet, Russia’s tenacious spirit and a winter under God’s control allowed it to fight back and claim victory.

It was God in the end, however, who took notice at his own pace, to say enough is enough, and created the environmental and other factors to remove this person and destroy what was planned as the 1000-year Reich. We must know that no matter the perception of the strength and power of evil, God is in charge and will always win over the tricks and schemes of Satan.