Firefighter Pete Trujillo returns to work

Published 7:56 pm Friday, March 8, 2019

LaGrange Firefighter Pete Trujillo, one of the firefighters injured in September, returned to work on Monday.

Trujillo will be on light duty at the LaGrange Fire Department headquarters where he will assist with training while he continues to recover.

As Trujillo walked into work, he was greeted by a long line of LaGrange firefighters celebrating his return to the job. He greeted every person in line with a hug before reporting to duty. 

“It was a great moment seeing Pete return to work,” said LFD Chief John Brant. “Pete has the ability to light up a room, and it’s good to have that back. He is always full of life, and he brings everyone around him up. As these guys return to work, I can see this department getting back to normal more and more. Just like these guys, the department is still healing and each day we are getting closer and closer to normalcy.”

Trujillo is one of six firefighters that were injured in a Labor Day structure fire on Sept. 3, 2018. Trujillo, Lt. Josh Williams, Firefighter Jordan Avera and Firefighter Jonathan Williamson were seriously injured in the fire. Jim Ormsby and Sean Guerrero received minor injuries.

Avera returned to work Oct. 8, and Williams returned to work Jan. 28. Brant said he is hopeful that Williamson will be able to return soon.

“He sees his doctor later on this month, so we hope to have him back shortly,” Brant said. “He is doing well in his recovery. He seems better and better every time I see him.”