LFD one step closer to full strength

Published 5:00 am Tuesday, March 12, 2019

LaGrange firefighter Pete Trujillo returned to work last week. He was one of the six firefighters injured in a Labor Day Weekend structural fire that took place on Sep. 3, 2018 and one of four who received significant injuries. The others were Josh Williams, Jordan Avera and Jonathan Williamson, Jim Ormsby and Sean Guerrero. While Ormsby and Guerrero received minor injuries, the other four saw more significant harm.

With Trujillo’s return, the only one of the six officers who has not returned to work is Williamson, who LaGrange Fire Department Chief John Brant said he hopes to see return to work soon.

“He is doing well in his recovery,” Brant said. “He seems better and better every time I see him.”

Avera returned to work approximately one month after the fire, on Oct. 8, and Williams returned to work Jan. 28. With Trujillo’s return, the LFP is one step closer to full strength.

The incident reminds us all of the very real dangers that our firefighters and law enforcement officials submit themselves to on a daily basis. Those who feel the call to serve our community in this way deserve our continued respect. We are glad to see the LFD one step closer to full strength once again.