Special day at Georgia Tech

Published 1:55 am Saturday, March 16, 2019


Daily News

It wasn’t a run-of-the mill recruiting visit.

Last week, a contingent of folks from Troup High visited the Georgia Tech campus, including three players on the football team, as well as head coach Tanner Glisson.

Two other men were also a part of the entourage, and while they don’t wear shoulder pads, they’re nonetheless a critical part of the Troup football family.

Josh Hill, who handles the video highlights and graphics for the football team, and head

equipment manager Christian Morris were invited to be a part of the trip to Georgia Tech.

“It was just awesome,” Glisson said. “Those two guys, Christian Morris and Josh Hill, they do so much for us, and don’t get paid, and don’t get the recognition. It was really great to help them further their education in that field.”

Hill and Morris were both able to spend time with people from Georgia Tech who have comparable responsibilities.

“I was able to ask coach (Geoff) Collins if we could bring those guys up with us, so they did everything from touring the equipment room, to the equipment room people talking to them about what’s the best way to wash jerseys, and about helmet repair and how to disinfect shoulder pads,” Glisson said. “And we got to meet with their graphics guy who does their social media, and the highlight guy who was going around filming everything. He was able to share some software information with those guys about how to do things quicker and better. We got to meet with their nutrition specialist. She stood with us and talked, and Christian handles a lot of that. He makes peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for us.”

Glisson added that “they sent us contact information to us about possible opportunities to do some job shadowing maybe during the summer.”

For Glisson, making sure Hill and Morris were included is part of being an educator.

“Not everybody’s going to play college football,” Glisson said. “But if we can prepare kids for what they want to do after high school, that’s what we’re here for. That’s what our program is built on.

“Allowing those two guys that opportunity, that’s priceless. It was really a great thing, and both of their parents were appreciative of it.”

The football players who were a part of the visit were Ja’Rell Smith, Zy Varner and Luke Purnell.