Don’t let student loans ruin your life

Published 4:17 pm Tuesday, March 19, 2019

How do you get the young people to think socialism is the way to go?

Dave Ramsey said the other day you get Young Junior or Sissy to accept that it is OK to borrow lots of money to go to a high-priced school and let the tab run on student debt.

He talked about a person that earned their degree and got a job for $32,000 starting pay, owing $280,000 in college loans, which means they can never pay the college debt off and guess what, it is our government’s fault for they now would have to have a second job to live.

When I went through school, my parents worked very hard, and I worked on construction jobs 35 to 60 feet in the air because it paid well. It was very hard work, but I did not owe money when I got out of college. Times have changed.

Now students, or parents, just sign on the dotted line, go to a university that is out of their budget and worry about paying the bill later.

Young Jr. is now blaming the system because he owes more money than he will make in the next seven years, so it must be someone else’s fault.

If you have a student going away to school, sit down and talk about what money is in the budget. Determine if they are eligible for a scholarship or do as Dave recommends and apply for one a day.

It may only be $500, but that is money that you don’t have to pay back.

Perhaps joining the military is an option for you. There’s nothing wrong with letting Uncle Sam pay your way through college.

Do not pick your school based on it having a good football team, basketball team or because it has more and better parties.

Yes, I am all for education, but do not let common sense get lost on the way to the classroom.

Great night at  Pure Life Studios

Good Time Saturday Night, Louise and I had 16 of our friends meet us Saturday Night at Pure Life.

None of these people had ever been there before and guess what, they all loved it!

It was a sold-out crowd, not a single empty chair. The price was good, $20 per person. We were sitting close enough to see the singer sing and play.

If you like music, I would suggest you go to their website and get you some tickets.

I like that they’re polite people and the clean restrooms are only 50 feet away. You can bring your own wine and enjoy the music.

The artists you see will be future stars where you can add the cost of $75 per ticket later on. This is a great date night.

Go enjoy a great meal and you will love the music. The parking is great too. Parking in back may be a 50-yard walk that is well-lit.