Bill would make it easier to apply as organ donor

Published 6:45 pm Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Represents District 133 in the House

We have completed 32 days in the Legislative Session with our final day, April 2, approaching quickly.

Since last Thursday’s Crossover Day, the House has been taking up Senate Bills. House committees have been hearing testimony on these bills, with worthy debate and discussion.  Some of these bills have even made it through the House Rules Committee and been presented House Floor. Thus far, the Senate Bills have been successfully passed and have headed to the governor’s desk. 

This week I presented one of these Senate Bills, SB 99. This legislation would allow the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) to ask people who are applying for hunting, fishing or trapping licenses if they would like to be an organ donor.  This opportunity is equally given to you when you apply for your driver’s license. There are over 5,000 people on the wait list for an organ or tissue transplant. Once signed, this bill would tremendously increase the opportunity for people to give someone a healthier life. SB 99 passed with 164 votes and is headed to the Governor’s desk. 

On Thursday, the House passed the Senate Substitute to HB 316 by a vote of 101-69.  This bill allows the state to send out Request for Proposal to initiate the purchasing of new voting machines for the entire state. I voted in favor of this legislation, and it now goes to Gov. Kemp for his signature.  It was great seeing so many people from District 133 at the Capitol this week. Please continue to contact me with comments or questions.