Kingdom Community meets to plot future

Published 12:00 am Saturday, March 30, 2019

Community members and leaders from different facets met Friday morning at Highland Country Club for a meeting of Kingdom Community, which is an initiative underneath the umbrella of Troup Transformation. Troup Transformation was founded in 2007 with a mission to provide Christian influence and support to different areas of the community.

“We want to unite the Christian community so that we can support and influence the government, business, education, family, media, arts and entertainment and the church,” said Wanda Walker, founder of Troup Transformation. “We want to build a city that glorifies God in each of those areas.”

The meeting held Friday morning was the fourth of its kind and was held to continue the formulation of development of plans to support and influence those different areas.

Ory Gari and Kendall Butler, both community members who have been involved with Kingdom Community for some time, spoke during the meeting related to the plans for the group. Gari runs a ministry project with her husband, while Butler is a real estate agent in LaGrange.

“The Lord had given me a very similar vision to the one he had Kendall and Wanda, and that is what binds us together,” said Gari before the meeting.

Butler helped initiate Kingdom Community after being involved with Troup Transformation from the outset.

During the meeting itself, ideas were discussed on how best to unite the seven community elements of government, business, education, family, media, arts and entertainment and the church together.

“Imagine all of these working together in agreement, for the same purpose, focusing on the same goal,” Gari said. “The goal would be a Christ-centered life that would positively impact every aspect of our community.”

“God is not just reaching people through the churches,” Butler said. “If we’re raising up Godly people in these seven spheres of influence, then you’re going to be influencing the world for Christ. All of this is also not just beneficial spiritually, it is beneficial economically and socially in our community as well.”

The group is currently looking to conduct brainstorming sessions with individuals in those spheres of influence to further its mission.

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