Commission working to find solution to speeding on Adams Road

Published 11:59 pm Friday, April 5, 2019

The Troup County Board of Commissioners has spent the majority of its last two meetings — a work session and board meeting — discussing Adams Road.

Unintentionally, the road has become one of the main thoroughfares to large manufacturers, such as Kia Motors Manufacturing Georgia. Adams Road has gone from a quiet, country highway to a busy one, especially during shift change from the nearby factories.

As a result, residents of the area say the road has become dangerous. Many spoke before the board over the last week, detailing wrecks, near misses and destroyed fences. At times, those conversations became emotional, which speaks to the level of seriousness here.

Many of the people who spoke told the commission that they believe someone is going to lose their life if nothing is done about Adams Road.

The commission has made it clear that it wants to do something about the road, and it has worked through many options over the last few months. The first step was to install electronic speed limit signs, which showed a driver how fast they were going, and that worked for a while to slow the average speed. However, now that drivers are used to seeing them, most ignore the signage. The commission also voted last week to add an all-way stop at the intersection of Adams Road and Jarrell Hogg Road, making it easier for drivers to turn on and off Adams Road.

However, there are typically two major deterrence to speeding — lower speed limits and more enforcement of that speed limit. The commission is also working on both of those options, though it probably isn’t moving as fast as anyone would like.

To lower the speed limit, the commission needs permission from Georgia Department of Transportation, which must approve the change so that the sheriff’s office can run radar on the road. If GDOT doesn’t approve it, the commission can theoretically change the speed limit from 45 to 35 miles per hour, but it won’t mean anything in court.

The sheriff’s office also figures to increase patrol in that area, especially after the creation of the all-way stop.

It’s clear the commission wants something done, and with County Engineer James Emery, continues to put its head together to find a solution. We appreciate the effort and ask them to keep working on it, for the safety of all on Adams Road.