Credit cards are your own worst enemy

Published 6:34 pm Monday, April 22, 2019

Credit cards may be your worst enemy. I know you are saying, “Wait just a minute, Jerry, I pay my bill in full each month!” Friend, that is good, but so many people never do.

They fall into the 29 percent trap of people who depend on the credit card to live. Dave Ramsey will tell you to not have any credit cards, use debit cards and never get into the credit card high-interest game.

From time to time, we lose a house deal because people owe $15,000 on food they could not afford a year ago at a fancy place. They could not afford to pay cash for the sweater they wanted that really didn’t look good on them and they didn’t have the cash for the resort trip they took.

Two years later they are paying 29 percent.  Please stop spending money to impress the neighbors that may not like you any way. Learn to live on less than you make.

I know you are thinking, “Jerry, I must go see the Braves play. Next week the tickets are only $300.” Have you got cash? What about the $8 beers, the $8 hot dogs and $20 to park your car… plus gas.

It’s not just the $300 tickets, the total may be as much as $450.

Did you save $450 last month? Before making your purchase, think to yourself is it a need or a want. Maybe I am talking a lot about money, but I see a lot of people with money problems. Stop paying credit cards a $35 late fee by being two days late.

When you do that, they hit your credit report, your score goes down and now you’re paying 39 percent interest. Folks, this happens every week to someone. Use credit with your brain.  Don’t just make the decision that you must have that item to make life better.